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Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery - Not your usual tourist attraction in Hong Kong

Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery - Hong KongThe Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery, located on a hillside on the western outskirts of Aberdeen, is not your usual tourist destination in Hong Kong. However, it is worth a visit if only for its cultural significance and the magnificent views of the South China Sea and Ap lei Chau it offers.

Built on terraces on a hillside, the cemetery dates back to 1915 and served as the final resting place of successful Chinese residents of Hong Kong who prefered to be buried locally rather than in their ancestral home in mainland China.

Following the ancient art of feng shui, the graves in this cemetery are designed to face the sea. In Chinese culture, a grave overlooking the water is the most auspicious resting place.

Unfortunately, progress and development have obstructed the cemetery's magnificent vistas with the construction high-rise residential buildings in Aberdeen. Nevertheless, the cemetery's intricately carved tombstones and beautiful museleums still make for an interesting trip, providing a glimpes of how the locals venerate their dearly departed.

Being on a hill, expect to tackle numerous steps when you visit this cemetery. Another nearby attraction is a Tin Hau Temple.

To get to the Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery, take bus no. 77 (from Sau Kei Wan), 76 (Causeway Bay), 43 (Admiralty), 70 (Central), or 970 (So Uk). The site is within walking distance of any bus line via Aberdeen.

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