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Alexander Grantham - A Showcase of Hong Kong's Fire-Fighting History

Alexander GranthamThe Alexander Grantham, now known as the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery, was a fireboat which served the Hong Kong's Fire Services Department for 49 years. It was named after former Hong Kong Governor Sir Alexander Grantham. At 38.9 metres long, 8.8 metres wide, 15 metres tall and with a loaded displacement of 511 tonnes, it was considered the largest in the fleet of fireboats built by the Hong Kong Whampoa Dock Company Limited in 1953.

The fireboat was docked at the Victoria Harbour until it was decommissioned in May 2002 after serving for almost half a century. It was part of numerous fire-fighting and rescue operations in the territory, including the Seawise University fire in 1972, the Eastern Gate fire in the 1980s and the New Orient Princess fire in 1993.

On March 2006, the 500-tonne historic boat was lifted out of the waters and transfered into its new permanent home in the Central Concourse of Quarry Bay Park, still by the harbour. It was converted into a museum and opened to the public in 2007.

The boat was the first of its kind that was preserved as a historic relic in Hong Kong. It is touted as a great example of the Hong Kong shipbuilding industry's achievements in the early 1950s and serve as a showcase of Hong Kong's sea salvage history of the past century.

Apart from the fireboat itself, the museum contains a number of multimedia exhibits about the vessel's history and on firefighting in Hong Kong. 3D Laser Scanning Technology in digital recording of structures was applied to capture the 3D images of the vessel.

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