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Argyle Centre - A Bargain-Hunter's Paradise in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Argyle Centre - Mong Kok, Hong KongHong Kong boasts of big malls filled with high-end stores and designer boutiques, as well as street markets specializing in certain kinds of merchandise and small shops selling an array of unique and interesting finds. Mong Kok alone, for instance, is home to a number of street markets and commercial centres which have become must-visit shopping destinations in this part of Hong Kong.

One of Mong Kok's most popular shopping venues is the Argyle Centre, a three-story commercial centre comprised of small boutiques selling low-priced apparel, shoes, fashion accessories, toys and gadgets.

Apart from its accessibility (its located right beside the Mong Kok MRT Station), Argyle Centre is known for its cheap merchandise. Plus, haggling is very much welcome here but not necessary most of the time because the sellers themselves will lower the price the instance a potential buyer starts to walk away! This is because of the stiff competition and the fact that you can get the very same item on the next shop in a much lower price.

While many items here are also available in the street markets, many locals prefer to shop at Argyle Centre because of the unbeatable prices. So before splurging anywhere else, check out Argyle Centre first.

This mall can get very crowded and don't expect for amenities you'll see in Hong Kong's posh malls. The corridors are tight and the airconditioning is bad but all these add to the charm of the place. And if you get hungry after all the shopping, there is a food court at the ground level with numerous stalls selling noodles and other snack items.

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