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Bonham Strand - The Ginseng Alley of Hong Kong

Bonham Strand - Sheung Wan, Hong KongBonham Strand is a street in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong known for numerous old shops selling medicinal herbs, dried animal parts and other ingredients used for traditional Chinese medicine. It is actually comprised of two streets, Bonham Strand which starts from Queen's Road Central, and Bonham Strand West which starts from Bonham Strand and ends in Des Voeux Road West.

The streets were named after Sir George Bonham, the third Governor of Hong Kong (1848–1854), who led the reconstruction effort of Sheung Wan after a fire destroyed part of it in 1851.

The word "strand" came from the fact that the streets used to be close to the shore but several reclamations over the past hundred years made the area quite far from any harbour.

Bonham Strand is currently the medicinal herb district of the city. Both locals and tourists flock to the area to get their dose of traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ails from skin diseases to diabetes and sexual dysfunction in men. Each shop usually have a herbalist who will check a customer's pulse and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Ginseng root, a common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicinal concoctions, is a popular item in Bonham Strand shops which is also the reason why the street is nicknamed "The Ginseng Alley" of Hong Kong.

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