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Bride's Pool - A Picturesque Hiking Destination in Tai Mei Tuk, Hong Kong

Bride's Pool - Tai Mei Tuk, Hong KongBride's Pool is a series of pools and waterfalls fed by a stream near Tai Mei Tuk in the north western part of Plover Cove Reservoir in New Territories, Hong Kong. It is a popular hiking destination as well as a well-known picnic venue.

It can be reached via the Bride's Pool Nature Trail, a less than 1-kilometer path that leads to the bottom of the valley where the famed pool is located. The trail is relatively easy to trek and suitable even for kids. It passes through very scenic sections of the stream. Lush vegetation along the path offers shade and cool breeze while the sounds of birds complete the nature adventure.

Along the trail is an ancient bridge called the Bride's Pool Stone Bridge. It was built in 1906 by locals to link the villages of Wu Kau Tang and Chung Mei.

On the valley floor is the Bride’s Pool with crystal clear water, making it a very popular place for swimmers especially during summer. Another attraction is the 15-meter high Bride’s Pool Waterfall.

The pool's name stemmed from a very tragic story. According to an ancient legend, a bride aboard a sedan was on her way to her wedding one rainy day when one of the porters slipped and lost his footing. The bride fell into the pool and unfortunately, drowned. The pool was later named in her memory. Some say that the bride’s spirit still haunts the area and claim to have seen her in the Mirror Pool (another pool in the area).

To avoid the same fate as that of the poor bride, avoid visiting the pool after a heavy downpour as the path can get very slippery. It is best to check weather conditions on the area before you go!

Facilities in the area include picnic tables, barbeque pits and recreational amenities. Many plants and wildlife species are present in the area and visitors are requested not to collect them as souvenirs.

To get to the Bride's Pool via public transport, take the MTR East Rail (formerly KCR East Rail) north from Kowloon into New Territories. Depart the train at Tai Po Market Station and board minibus 20C. The bus will terminate at either Tai Mei Tuk or Wu Kau Tang depending on the route. On Sundays and public holidays, the Kowloon Motor Bus operates the route 275R from Tai Po Market Station to the Pool. The Bride's Pool Trail lies past Tai Mei Tuk and shortly before Wu Kau as the bus heads north. If the bus terminates short of the Pool at Tai Mei Tuk, the pool can be accessed by taxi or a 2-3 hour hike.

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