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Chater Garden - A quaint hideaway in Hong Kong's busy Financial District

Chater Garden - Hong KongChater Garden is a public park located in the Central District of Hong Kong and sits directly east of the Legislative Council building. Because of its proximity to government, the garden sometimes has been used as a location for political rallies and demonstrations.

The park was named after Sir Catchick Paul Chater, a prominent British businessman and cricket enthusiast. The garden was developed in the 1970s after the land's previous occupant, the Hong Kong Cricket Club, transferred to Wong Nai Chung Gap Road.

Today, Chater Garden is a popular venue for tai chi practitioners in the mornings and a welcome respite to office employees from nearby buildings during lunch time and after hours. The gurgling water fountains, tranquil lily ponds, green lawns, tall palms and fancy animal shaped topiary adds to the charm of the place.


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