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The Che Kung Temple - An Auspicious Attraction in Sha Tin District, Hong Kong

The 400-year old Che Kung Temple at Ho Chung in Sai Kung is considered as one of the most auspicious traditional buildings in the New Territories.

Every third of January, on the birthday of Che Kung for whom the temple is dedicated, foreign and local tourists, and even Hong Kong officials, congregate in the temple to worship him with burning incense sticks. They will then rotate the sails of the windmill inside the temple and pray for good luck. The annual event is called Che Kung Festival.

Che Kung was a general during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in ancient China who was widely admired and respected by the people during his time. When Sha Tin was afflicted by a terrible plague,  people carried tablets with Che Kung's name carved on it and paraded around the district. The disease was soon gone and the people attributed it to Che Kung.  Since then, the people started worshiping Che Kung and built the now famous temple in honor of the general.

Today, many tourists from all over the world flock to the temple to worship and ask for good luck.  It is believed, that if you worship the Taoist deity with joss sticks and spin the copper windmill three times at the Che Kung Temple, good luck will prevail for the rest of the year.

How To Get There
Take Bus 92 or 96R (available on Sundays & Public Holiday only) from MTR Choi Hung Station Exit C2 and get off at Ho Chung Station.
Or take Green Minibus 1A or 1M from MTR Choi Hung Station Exit C2. Alight at Ho Chung Station.

Che Kung Temple Photo Gallery

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