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Cheung Kong Park - a quiet refuge near St. John's Cathedral in the Central District

Nestled in the midst of the Hong Kong Central District's skyscrapers is Cheung Kong Park, a small garden privately maintained by Cheung Kong Holdings but is open to the public.

The park consists of ponds and cascades with benches where visitors can sit, read a book or simply enjoy the scenery and the peace and quiet.

This little oasis features beautifully landscaped gardens, lush trees, walking trails and water features like ponds, streams and waterfalls. It is best visited in the morning mornings as it tends to be quite crowded by mid afternoon with visitors trying to escape the bustling chaos of the city.

Adjacent to Cheung Kong Park is St. John's Cathedral and the overpass bridge leading to Hong Kong Park and the Peak. The Former French Mission is also nearby.

Cheung Kong Park Photo Gallery

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