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City Art Square - An urban art park in the center of Shatin

City Art Square Hong KongThe City Art Square was built and developed as part of the beautification project of the Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza.  It serves the triple purposes of improving the public spaces of the area, developing the arts and culture in Hong Kong, and promoting the Olympic Games which was held in Beijing in 2008.

The square covers an area of about 190,000 square feet and features world-class art displays, including original and uniquely-styled sculptures and public art installations designed and created by world-renowned local and international artists and designers.

City Art Square is located in the middle of a cluster of public facilities, a shopping mall complex, residential developments and the adjacent Olympic Village that was built when Shatin was chosen as a venue for the Olympic Equestrian Games in 2008.

Some of the art pieces displayed in the square include Hong Kong-based artist Danny Lee's 'City Landscape', a fluid sculpture that looks like a motorcycle made of stainless steel and set amidst lush greenery. 'Night Watch' by London-based artists Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner is another interesting display consisting of 200 illuminated crystal balls depicting various animal eyes submerged in two outdoor pools. Another notable piece is American artist Vivienne Tan's 'Peony Blossom' which is a pathway made of granite and different colored stones forming a mosaic of peonies.

The pioneering international public art park is open 24/7 to nurture the appreciation of arts and culture in Hong Kong. To get there, take the MTR Sha Tin Station Exit A and walk in the direction heading Sha Tin Town Hall.

City Art Square Hong Kong - Photo Gallery

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