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Cloudy Hill - A Picturesque Trail in New Territories, Hong Kong

Cloudy Hill - Hong Kong

Cloudy Hill, also called Kau Lung Hang Shan, is a 440-metre high hill in Tai Po District of northern New Territories in Hong Kong. It is located within Pat Sin Leng Country Park.

The source of the Ma Wat River is located on this hill. This river flows northwards towards Fanling, staying near the eastern industrial areas and empties into Ng Tung River near Kan Lung Tsuen.

Stage 9 of the 78-kilometre Wilson Trail starts from the top of Cloudy Hill.  The Wilson Trail traverses 8 country parks, beginning at Tai Tam Country Park and ending at Pat Sin Leng Country Park.

Mist can cover Cloudy Hill, hence its name. Climbing its steep hills can be quite a challenge but the spectacular treat at its peak is well worth the effort. The summit offers breathtaking views of Tai Mo Shan and the Lam Tsuen Valley to the east, the Tolo Harbour to the south and over the flatlands around Fan Ling and Sheung Shui into China towards the north.

Benches and pavilions along the trail provide a great spots for resting while enjoying the fresh breeze and the magnificent views.

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