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Dundas Street - A Foodie's Paradise in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Food stalls at Dundas Street, Mong Kong, Hong KongIf you love food, Dundas Street is the place for you. Located in the busy shopping area of eastern Mong Kok, Dundas Street is a veritable haven of food shops selling a wide variety of snacks and refreshments from the more common Chinese dimsums and noodles to the more exotic pork intestine skewers and stinky bean curd. There are also stores selling all sorts of refreshing drinks including milk tea, coffee and fresh fruit juices, to wash those savory treats down.

Plastic tables and chairs are setup on each stall's front, just a few metres away from the roaring traffic, where hungry customers can relax and dine before or after a day of shopping in the numerous malls and commercial centres along the street. These dining establishments are open day and night and seemed to be always jampacked with customers whatever time of day, so be patient when it takes a while before your orders are served. As furnitures are limited, sharing a table to total strangers is encouraged.

If you are not into smelly fried fermented bean curd or braised pig's innards, there are other less "scary" fares to try such as curry fish balls and pork barbecue. There are also stores selling Chinese breads, egg tarts and other traditional baked goodies.

The noise, crowd and smoke from the stall's open flame grills (as well as the nearby traffic) add up to the charm of these eateries along Dundas Street. Not to mention the rock-bottom prices of their flavorful offerings.

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