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Exchange Square - Home of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Exchange Square - Central, Hong KongExchange Square is a popular building complex in Central, Hong Kong. It is home to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since the 80s as well as international banking companies, law firms and consulates. It was built in 1983 and completed in 1988.

The complex is comprised of three buildings of varying heights, namely, One Exchange Square (52 floors), Two Exchange Square (51 floors) and Three Exchange Square (33 floors). These towers may not be the tallest in Hong Kong but they were recognised as important architectural achievements in Hong Kong and were awarded a Silver Medal by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in 1985.

The complex also contains an outdoor plaza with landscaped garden, stepped terraces, fountains, and a collection of sculptures by artists such as Henry Moore, Ju Ming and Dame Elizabeth Frank.

Exchange Square  is located at 8 Connaught Place, in Central, Hong Kong. Below it is a major bus terminus, called Central (Exchange Square) Bus Terminus, which have a large number of bus routes bound for different area within Hong Kong.

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