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Fan Lau - A Peninsula with Beautiful Beach and Historic Monuments in the Southwestern Lantau, Hong Kong

Fan Lau - Lantau, Hong KongFan Lau is peninsula situated in the southwest tip of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It separates water into Fan Lau Tung Wan in the east, and Fan Lau Sai Wan and Fan Lau Miu Wan in the west. Its name means "separating water flows" in Cantonese because the peninsula, which points to Lantau Channel, divides the current from Pearl River and the water of South China Sea.

The area boasts of a beautiful stretch of fine sand with stunning mountain and ocean views. Apart from the beach, Fan Lau is also home to a couple of archeological relics which have been declared historical monuments.

Because of its strategic location, a military fortress, called Fan Lau Fort, was built in the peninsula during the Qing dynasty to defend the territory against pirates and intruders. The fort is rectangular in shape with dimension 46 metres by 21 metres. It remained in operation until the end of the 19th century and was eventually abandoned. The ruins was restored between 1985 and 1990 and was listed as a Declared Monument of Hong Kong.

Another historic attraction in Fan Lau is the ancient stone circle located at the southeast of the Fan Lau Fort. The stone circle is believed to date back from the Neolithic or early Bronze Age and may have been used in rituals. It is also a declared monument.

Fan Lau is quite secluded and can only be reached by foot. To get there from Tai O, walk south from the bus station for 250m and pick up stage No 7 (ie along the island’s southwestern coast) of Lantau Trail, a distance of about 8km. The trail then carries on to the northeast and Shek Pik for another 12km, where you can catch bus 1 back to Mui Wo.

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