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Fringe Club - A Historical Landmark in Central, Hong Kong

Fringe Club - Central, Hong KongThe Fringe Club is a Grade-I heritage building located in 2 Lower Albert Road, Central District, Hong Kong. It was built circa 1892 in a late Victorian architectural style using brick and stucco and served as a cold-storage warehouse for ice and dairy products. It is most famous for its facade's brickwork known as Blood & Bandages.

The building eventually became a company headquarters and was abandoned in the 1970s. In 1984, the Hong Kong Fringe Club, a non-profit arts organisation which promotes local artists and cultural heritage in Hong Kong, acquired the building and turned it into a vibrant art and cultural hub.

The Fringe Club contains two studio theatres, three exhibition areas (including a photography gallery), a rehearsal room, a restaurant, a roof garden and offices. It supports and promotes various art forms including visual, theatre, dance, and music by offering local and international artists with rent-free exhibition and performance facilities.

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