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Fung Ying Sin Koon - A Popular Taoist Temple in Fanling, Hong Kong

Fung Ying Sin Koon - Fanling, Hong KongFung Ying Sin Koon is a popular Taoist temple located on a sprawling hillside in Fanling, New Territories in Hong Kong. It is one of the city's most important and expansive temple complexes and known for its traditional Chinese architecture.

The temple was founded in 1929 and is made up of a main temple and several other smaller temples and altars for worship. Its name was derived from the two fairy islands of Fung Lai and Ying Chau, believed by many to be the dwelling place of immortals.

The main temple, called the Great Palace of the Three Sages, is known for its bright orange roof tiles supported by red pillars.  Inside, the blue ceiling represents the Heavens, decorated with clouds, ornamental columns and fairy crowns.

In front of the temple’s Ancestral Hall is the Wall of Tao Te Ching, where 81 chapters of the famous work Tao Te Ching by the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi are inscribed. Some of the smaller buildings serve as repositories for ancestral remains.

Apart from its religoius and architectural aspects, many people flock to the temple for traditional Taoist fortune telling or  fu gei. Worshipers seek the advise of Taoist fortune tellers to solve problems.

Fung Ying Sin Koon is located at 66 Pak Wo Road, Fanling, New Territories. To get there, take MTR to Fanling Station, get out at Exit B and look for the temple's distinctive orange roof. The walk from the station to the temple is aboutfive minutes.

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