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Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve - An Important Ecological Site Near Tai Po, Hong Kong

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve - Hong KongFung Yuen Butterfly Reserve is a declared Special Site of Scientific Interest located just 2 kilometers from the centre of Tai Po in Hong Kong. The sprawling 42-hectare reserve is a popular spot for butterfly appreciation in Hong Kong and South East Asia. It is home to over 180 butterfly species, 50 of which are rare and not commonly seen in Hong Kong, including the Common Birdwing (the only protected butterfly species in Hong Kong that is listed in the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance) and the White Dragontail (the smallest-size Papilionidae species which is protected by China).

The area has been recognized for its high ecological value as early as 1980 and has since been listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its high population of butterflies. The impressive butterfly population is attributed to the area's topography, plant diversity, and the numerous orchards and farms that provide haven to these beautiful but delicate winged creatures.

Facilities at the reserve include an Education Centre which hold workshops and seminars to teach visitors about butterflies and their importance in the ecosystem. An Exhibition Hall displays interesting facts about butterflies while an Organic Garden showcases the plants important to butterfly existence.

A Fung Yuen Butterfly Festival is held every last Sunday of each month, from 9:30am to 12:30pm. During the festival, exhibition games and regular guided tours are available from 10:30am to 11:30am.

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve is located at 150 Fung Yuen Rd, Fung Yuen. It is open daily (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Year Day and Chinese New Year Holidays), from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

The Butterfly Reserve can be accessed by:
Bus: 74K, 73, 75K (get off at Fung Yuen Road/Dai Fat Street)

  • 20B, 20C, 20K (get off at the junction of Fung Yuen Road) After get off walk along the Fung Yuen Road until the end of the road, cross the blue railing pedestrian bridge and you will reach Fung Yuen Nature and Culture Education Centre.
  • 20A go from Tai Po Market MTR Station (get off at Fung Yuen Village Office) service from 9:00am,every 00 and 30. Return from Fung Yuen Village to Tai Po Market MTR Station service before 9:00pm, every 20 and 50.

Taxi: From Tai Po Market MTR Station to Centre entrance (approx. fare $30)
Private Car: From Ting Kok Road turn onto Fung Yuen Road and drive until the end of the road. Car park is located inside Fung Yuen Village.

Image courtesy of hongkong.panduanwisata.com.

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