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Goldfish Market - One of Hong Kong's Oldest and Most Popular Street Markets

Goldfish Market - Mongkok, Hong KongGoldfish Market is a street market spanning the northern length of Tung Choi Street, from the intersections at Nullah Street to Mongkok Street in Mongkok, Hong Kong. It is particularly dedicated to the trade and appreciation of goldfish and other aquatic creatures as well as aquariums and other fish-keeping paraphernalia.

The market has been around since time immemorial and continues to be in good business because fishes have always been considered auspicious in Chinese culture. Feng Shui principles dictate that keeping a tank of fishes at home is a great way to attract good fortune.

Both sides of the Goldfish Market are lined with shops and hawkers selling a wide variety of both tropical freshwater and salt water fish. The fishes, whose price tags range from very affordable to heart attack-inducing, are displayed in glass tanks or clear plastic bags.

There are also a few shops selling other pets including reptiles, amphibians and even tarantulas! Aquarium equipment and other fish-keeping accoutrement are also available.

The market is a great way to observe and learn more about fishes and aquatic creatures without paying for an expensive ticket to Ocean Park. It's free to walk around Goldfish Market and you can get information such as the names, traits, features and how to take care of the fishes, if you ask the store keepers nicely.

Other nearby street markets are the Ladies Market, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden and Fa Yuen Street Sneakers Street.

How to get there:
MTR Prince Edward Station, Exit B2. Walk east along Prince Edward Road West until you reach the market.
MTR Mong Kok East Station, Exit C. Walk to Sai Yee Street via the footbridge and follow the signs.

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