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Hairpin Beach in Stanley - Smallest Gazetted Beach in Hong Kong

Hairpin Beach - Stanley, Hong KongHairpin Beach is a tiny beach adjacent to Stanley Main Beach in Stanley Peninsula, Hong Kong Island. It features a rocky headland and pebbles cover its shore instead of sand.

Swimming and other water activities are prohibited in this beach due to strong current. Visitors are advised to go to the nearby main beach if they want to venture into the waters. No shark net or lifeguard service is available since this beach is not open to the public for swimming.

Hairpin Beach used to have sand but it got washed away and only pebbles are left. Nevertheless, the surrounding lush trees, rugged rock formations and blue waters create spectacular scenery, making Hairpin Beach a popular location for picnics, sunbathing and strolling. Many dog-lovers use this beach to walk or play with their pets.

Swimming was used to be allowed here which explains the shower facilities. Other amenities include toilets and barbecue areas.

The beach is at Stanley Beach Road, Stanley, Hong Kong Island. It can be reached via:
New World First Bus: 14, 63, 65
Citybus: 6, 6A, 6X, 73, 260, 973
Green minibus: 16M

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