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Hap Mun Bay - A Picturesque Little Beach in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Hong Kong attractionsHap Mun Bay is a picturesque little beach located on the southern tip of Sharp Island, the largest island in the Kiu Tsui Country Park located at the Port Shelter of Sai Kung. It's just a short sampan ride away from Pak Sha Wan Pier or Sai Kung pier.

Because it is one of the best beaches within easy access around the Sai Kung area, it is usually crowded during Summer weekends (April to October). The water quality is good making it perfect for swimming and other water activities. The Hap Mun Bay is also lined with fine white sand, beautiful mountain views and rock formations.

The beach offers basic facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, showers, campsite and barbecue area. Kiosks selling snacks and refreshments are also available. Lifeguards are on duty every day from 9am to 6pm.

How to get there:

Take Bus 92 from Diamond Hill MTR and get off at Sai Kung town. There will be sampans by the waterfront waiting for tourists to hire them. You can rent one and it will take you to Hap Mun Bay.  As there will be other tourists renting other sampans, don’t forget which boat you arrived on.  Each sampan flies a different colored flag so take note of that and look for it when it's time to leave.

Hap Mun Bay - Hong Kong Photo Gallery

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