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Happy Valley - From cemetery to Hong Kong's high end horse racing hub


Happy Valley Hong Kong Photo GalleryHong Kong's Happy Valley is a low-lying area situated between Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. It is known as the home of the Happy Valley Racecourse, one of the two race tracks of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

During the early colonial times, the valley's marshy environment causes a lot of fatal diseases such as malaria.  The area became a burial ground for the dead, prompting the locals to call it Happy Valley, a common euphemism for cemeteries. Today, there are six cemeteries in the area: the Jewish Cemetery, the Hindu Cemetery, the Parsee Cemetery, Hong Kong Cemetery, St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, and the Muslim Cemetery.

In 1846, British colonizers felt that the marsh land was ideal for horse-racing, and thus cleared the paddy fields and developed the Happy Valley Racecourse, one of the oldest and the most famous architectural sites in Hong Kong.

Through the years, Happy Valley has become a must-see destination for horse racing fanatics.  The yearly racing season runs from September to the following June, when two weekly meetings are held. The venue can accommodate up to 35,000 race-goers and equipped with advanced tracks, giant computer screens and other modern facilities.

Aside from the race course, Happy Valley is also famous for its upper income residential areas.  Residents include of a mix of Hong Kong natives and foreigners. Two of the tallest residential buildings in Hong Kong, "Highcliff" and "The Summit" are located in Happy Valley facing Mount Nicholson and the rest of Hong Kong.

Happy Valley also provides a number of high end restaurants and hotels. Many Hong Kong television series are also filmed here, hence, paparazzi activities abuzz in the area, to hound Hong Kong celebrities who hang out here.

Happy Valley Hong Kong Photo Gallery


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