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Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park - A Showcase of Hong Kong's Rich Biodiversity

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park - Hong KongThe Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is a nature reserve located on the north coast of the Sai Kung peninsula, in Hong Kong. Sheltered by the Sai Kung West Country Park, Hoi Ha Wan is touted as one of the city's cleanest coastlines still unaffected by pollution mainly because of its isolated location.

It was designated as a protected marine park in July 1996, one of the very first areas to be declared as such in Hong Kong. It covers an area of about 260 hectares and features a very rich biological diversity. Its pristine water quality provides an excellent environment for a great variety of marine flora and fauna including corals and mangrove communities.

To keep the marine park's pristine condition, any human activities that could disturb the ecosystem are prohibited including invasive fishing techniques, particularly bottom trawling as well as the use of dynamites or poisonous chemicals like cyanides. Collecting marine products such as fishes, shells and corals are also prohibited by law.

Park visitors are allowed to engage in non-destructive activities like swimming, snorkeling or underwater photography as long as they follow the marine reserves' visitors codes which include not touching or stepping into fragile corals, flipping over rocks and boulders, littering the park and polluting the waters.

Aside from its natural wonders, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is also home to an important heritage site: the remnants of lime kiln. Two ancient but still relatively intact kilns are located on the eastern shore of the park. Lime kilns are used for building mortars used for homes and other structures. Lime kilns are an important industry in the 1800 to 1939 in Hong Kong. The presence of these kilns in Hoi Ha Wan reflects the history and longevity of coral communities within the Park.

The Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park can be easily reached by taking a taxi from Sai Kung; be sure to arrange a return pickup time with the driver. Tourists can also take mini bus No.7 in Sai Tung to go to the park.

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