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Hollywood Road Park - A quaint respite in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Located in Sheung Wan in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, is a quaint urban public park called Hollywood Road Park. It serves a peaceful respite in the center of the city, surrounded by highrise buildings.  The park features Chinese architectural structures, lush gardens and tranquil ponds.

Before the 1980s, the park is called Possession Point Public Square because it is located in Possession Point, the location where the Royal Navy landed on Hong Kong Island before the signing of the Treaty of Nanking. The commander of Far East Fleet, James John Gordon Bremer, came to Hong Kong via the HMS Calliope on 26 January 1841. A flag raising and gun ceremony marked the official possession of Hong Kong, and the landing venue was renamed as Possession Point.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the area where the Hollywood Road Park now sits, was nicknamed the "poor man's nightclub." It is where the former Tai Tat Tei, a popular bazaar market, was situated. The Tai Tat Tei was a well-known venue for old Hong Kong style street entertainment and activities. People flock to the night market to shop for unique items, eat cheap food and watch free entertainment.

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