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Hong Kong Olympic Trail - A Great Way to Explore Lantau's Mountains and Ancient Villages

Hong Kong Olympic Trail - Lantau IslandThe Hong Kong Olympic Trail is a 5.6-kilometre paved hiking path linking the ancient villages of Pak Mong and Mui Wo on the southern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong.  The trail was renamed the Olympic Trail in honour of Hong Kong’s hosting of the equestrian events of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

The trail traverses through Mui Wo and  Pak Mong and passes through the islands lush mountains (the highest point at Mong To Au at 277 metres) and centuries-old villages. Apart from the spectacular scenery, other highlights of the trail include the defunct Silver Mine Cave, Pak Ngan Heung Man Mo Temple, the Pak Mong Sword Testing Rock, a tree planting site near Pak Mong village named the Olympic Green and a spectacular waterfall. There are stalls serving a variety of delicious cuisines at Mui Wo Pier.

The Hong Kong Olympic Trail will take about 2 hours to complete. To get there, take a bus near the Tung Chung MTR station and CityGate Outlets, go to Tai Ho Wan, and ask around for the path's starting point. Alternatively, visitors can take a ferry to Mui Wo from Central pier. Finding the trail at Mui Wo is easier because there are posted English maps.

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