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Shenzhen Bay Bridge - The first cable-stayed bridge to connect Hong Kong and Mainland China

Shenzhen Bay Bridge - Hong KongThe Shenzhen Bay Bridge, also called the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor, is a 5.5-kilometre (3-mile) dual three-lane cable-stayed bridge connecting Hong Kong and Mainland China. It is the fourth vehicular boundary crossing between Hong Kong and the Mainland but the first and only cable-stayed bridge to connect the two land masses.

The gently curving S-shaped structure spans across the Deep Bay, with the south end on Tuen Mun (near Ngau Hom Shek), Hong Kong and the north end in Shekou, Shenzhen, People's Republic of China. The bridge shortens the trip between the mainland and Hong Kong to only 10-15 minutes.

The bridge was constructed separately by Hong Kong and mainland China, according to the maritime border. Upon its opening in 2007, the Shenzhen Section of the bridge, along with the Shenzhen Bay Control Point, were leased to Hong Kong and made under Hong Kong's jurisdiction for an initial period until 30 June 2047. As such, Hong Kong laws, including traffic laws, instead of the laws of the PRC, apply on the whole bridge and within the control point.

The bridge can handle 58,600 vehicles and 60,000 cross-boundary tourists per day. Co-location arrangement for both passenger and cargo clearance is implemented at the Shenzhen Bay Port, currently the territory’s biggest border-crossing facility.

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