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Hop Yat Church - A Historic Religious Building in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Hop Yat Church - Mid-Levels, Hong KongHop Yat Church, more formally referred to as hhe Church of Christ in China Hop Yat Church, is a Grade II historic building located at 2 Bonham Road, Sheung Wan, in the Mid-Levels area of Hong Kong.

The Church of Christ in China is a uniting church consisting mainly of churches with Congregational and Presbyterian traditions, including the London Missionary Society, British Baptist Missionary Society and others. It was founded by the London Missionary Society in 1888 and was originally located at 75 Hollywood Road.

Due to its growth, the church erected a larger building at 2 Bonham Road in 1926 and was renamed Hop Yat Church. The building features Neo-gothic architectural style. Unfortunately, the building is not open to the public .

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