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Hopewell Centre - A Prominent Landmark in the Hong Kong Skyline

Hopewell Centre Hong KongThe Hopewell Centre is a 216-metre tall building located on Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai. It was the first cylindrical skyscraper ever built in Hong Kong and became the tallest tower in both the city and Asia when it was completed in 1980, snatching the title from the Jardine House. It kept the title (at least in Hong Kong) until the Bank of China Tower was completed in 1989.

This prominent Hong Kong skyscraper was among the first structures built on the area, signifying the eastern expansion of Hong Kong’s central business district. It was designed by Sir Gordon Wu, chairman of Hopewell Holdings, whose office is located on the top floor. The 64-storey building serves as the headquarters of Hopewell Holdings. On the roof deck is a circular private swimming pool. At the building's 3rd floor are several retail shops and dining establishments.

Apart from its circular architecture, the Hopewell Centre is known for the revolving restaurant housed on its 62nd floor. The first restaurant to call the 62nd floor home was Revolving 66, which serves serves Cantonese cuisine, dim sum and western dishes. It was originally called Revolving 62 in reference to the floor it occupies, but was later changed because locals kept calling it Revolving 66.

In June 2012, a new restaurant called View 62 by Paco Roncero, took over the 62nd floor. Rocero, a Michelin 2-star chef, specializes in avant-garde 'nouvelle cuisine' which he proudly showcases in View 62. A graduate of Madrid's Hospitality and Tourism School, Roncero is considered as one of the most influential chefs in Spain.

The restaurant completes a 360-degree turn every hour, offering diners with spectacular views of nearby skyscrapers, Wan Chai, Victoria Harbour and The Peak. Going to the restaurant is an experience in itself with scenic elevators providing sweeping views of Victoria Harbour and Wan Chai which take passengers to the 56th floor where they can transfer to smaller elevators to the restaurant floor. The faint-hearted can take the "indoor" elevators servicing the office floors instead.

Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Photos

Hopewell Centre Hong Kong

The revolving restaurant, View 62

Hopewell Centre Hong Kong

Hopewell Centre at night

Hopewell Centre Hong Kong

A prominent landmark in the Hong Kong skyline

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