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IFC Roof Garden - A Relaxing Oasis Amidst the Hustle and Bustle of Central, Hong Kong

IFC Roof Garden - Central, Hong KongPerched atop IFC Mall at the Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong's second tallest building, is the IFC Mall Roof Garden. The beautifully landscaped rooftop is home to several posh bars and restaurants but many do not know that it is open to the public, even those not dining at any of the establishments there.

The rooftop garden features trees, shrubbery and patches of grass and offers spectacular bird's eye view of the harbour on one side and Hong Kong's top architectural wonders on the other, making it a must-see destination. Every Hong Kong visitor should include this spot in their itinerary and treat themselves to this special experience.

There are plenty of comfortable seating as well as tables for public use making them a great place to have lunch (you can bring your own food!), rest your feet after shopping at IFC Mall downstairs or just hang out after hours.

To get there, take the escalators to P4 in the IFC Mall.

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