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Inspiration Lake - A Hidden Gem in Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Inspiration Lake - Lantau, Hong KongInspiration Lake, officially known as the Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre, is a 30-hectare recreational facility located in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The lake is located within the Hong Kong Disneyland resort and features a 12-hectare artificial lake that serves as a recreational lake and an irrigation reservoir. It lake is a source of irrigation for the entire Penny's Bay.

The Inspiration Lake was built by the Hong Kong Government and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks. It was first opened to the public in August 2005. The park is open daily from 9am - 7pm. Entrance is free.

The man-made lake is the largest artificial lake in Hong Kong. It has a depth of between 6.5 and 7.5m and features waterfall cascades and water fountains/jets capable of shooting up to 18 m in height. The lake is decorated with natural and man-made boulders. The entire property is landscaped with more than 4,800 trees and 430,000 shrubs.

Paddle boats can be rented to at the boat centre to explore the lake. Other facilities include an arboretum featuring a wide array of local and exotic plants and trees, a 1,500-m jogging trail with exercise areas and a children's playground. There are also gazebos and a bridge overlooking a small, picturesque waterfall. Ordinary bikes, and a roofed variety that can sit four, are also available for hire.

There is a convenience store where you can but refreshments and plenty of benches and seating areas. Toilets are clean and well maintained.

Inspiration Lake is approximately 15 minutes walking distance from Disneyland Resort MTR station and the Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange. It is served by the following bus route: R8 Disneyland - Lantau Link Toll Plaza (via Inspiration Lake) from 9am to 7pm daily.

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