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Island House - A Historic Building on Yuen Chau Tsai, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

Island House - Tai Po, Hong KongIsland House is a historic building completed in 1906. It is located on a small islet called Yuen Chau Tsai, near the head of Tolo Harbour, in New Territories, Hong Kong. The two-storey villa is a classic example of colonial architecture in the early 20th century, featuring pitched tile roof, expansive verandahs, red brick walls covered with rouge cast plaster, and an an English-style garden. It also has a tower with a water tank and a light to serve as a beacon for boats navigating the Tolo Channel.

The building served served as the residence for the first British Police Magistrate appointed in 1898. It also became the official residence of the North District Officer and the residences of District Commissioners for the New Territories. Island House had been resided in by a total of 15 District Commissioners since 1949. The last resident of the Island House was Sir David Akers-Jones, who became the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong in 1985.

At present, the house is called the Island House Conservation Studies Centre after it was passed to the custodianship of WWF HK in 1986. The centre offers exhibitions, workshops and public tours (reservations required). For more information, visit wwf.org.hk/en/whoweare/contact_us.

Photo credit: Film Services Office

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