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Jamia Mosque - The Oldest Mosque in Hong Kong

Jamia Mosque - Mid-Levels, Hong KongJamia Mosque is an Islamic mosque located at 30 Shelley Street in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. Built in 1890 on a piece of land leased by the British Hong Kong government, it is considered the oldest mosque in Hong Kong. It was expanded in 1915 to accommodate the growing number of worshippers.

It was originally named Mohammedan Mosque and was renamed Jamia Mosque after World War II. Its other names include Shelley Mosque and lascar Mosque.  The neighboring streets, Mosque Street and Mosque Junction, are named after this mosque.

The building, known for its Indo-Islamic architecture, Arabic-style arched windows and ornate ironwork, is classified as a Grade I building. It can comfortably accommodate 400 people and welcomes visitors of all faiths outside prayer times. Visitors are requested to be modestly attired when entering the mosque.

Every Friday, hundreds of devout Muslims from around the world pass through its gates for weekly prayers. The mosque also conducts Quran recital and religious class for children in the evenings.

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