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Jardine House - An Iconic Landmark in Hong Kong's Central District

Jardine House - Central District, Hong KongThe Jardine House, formerly known as Connaught Centre, is one of Hong Kong's most popular buildings in the Central District. It is located at 1 Connaught Place and became the tallest building in Hong Kong and in Asia at the time of its completion in 1972. The Hopewell Centre snatched the title when it was built in 1980.

Owned and managed by Hongkong Land Limited, the Jardine House has 52 stories and a total floor area of 700,000 square feet (65,032 m2). Apart from offices, there are public areas in the basement, podium and first floor mezzanine levels featuring retail shops and dining establishments. The building is interconnected with other Hongkong Land Limited properties such as Exchange Square and International Finance Centre via the Central Elevated Walkway.

The building sits on a leased reclaimed land not far from the Star Ferry terminal, with commanding views of the harbour. Part of the lease agreement with the government is that no other structure will be allowed to be erected on the northern side of Jardine House to keep its views of the harbour unobstructed.

At only 179 meters (586 feet) tall, newer skyscrapers have kicked the Jardine House out of Hong Kong's tallest buildings list.  Nevertheless, it still remains as one of the city's most prominent buildings. With its iconic exterior wall dotted with a total of 1,700 round windows, the building has earned the nicknames, "House of a Thousand Orifices" and "Porthole Building." According to its designer, the round windows are structurally stronger than traditional rectangular windows and allow a thinner structural frame for the building.

Other notable attractions in the area are the Two International Finance Centre (2nd tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong),  Two International Finance Centre, Bank Of China Tower, Lippo Center and Hong Kong Park.

Jardine House - Central District, Hong Kong Photos

Jardine House - Central District, Hong Kong (4)

A total of 1,700 round windows

Jardine House - Central District, Hong Kong

The House of a Thousand Orifices

Jardine House - Central District, Hong Kong (2)

Hong Kong's tallest building in 1972




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