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Kowloon Mosque & Islamic Centre - A Beautiful Landmark in Nathan Road, Hong Kong

Kowloon Mosque & Islamic Centre - Hong KongThe Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre, also called Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre, is one of the five principal mosques in Hong Kong. At present, it is also the largest Islamic house of worship in the city.

The original mosque was built in 1896, on the site where the Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station now stands, to serve as a place of worship for the Indian Muslim troops of the British army stationed at nearby Whitfield Barracks (presently the site of the Kowloon Park).

The old building suffered massive structural defects in the 1970s during the construction of the Mass Transit Railway. A new Mosque was built in 1984 on the present site near the intersection of Nathan Road and Haiphong Road next to Kowloon Park funded by the compensation given by Mass Transit Railway Corporation as well as donations from Muslims. It was designed by architect I.M. Kadri.

The beautiful white-marbled structure features traditional Muslim architecture including a dome and four 11-metre high minarets which mark the corners of the upper terrace. Apart from three prayer halls, there is also a community hall, medical clinic and a library. The mosque holds 5 prayers daily and is capable of accommodating up to approximately 2000 people.

The mosque is open to all Muslims but non-Islamic visitors are not permitted to enter without permission.

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