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Ku Au Tseng Yuen - A Popular Thai Temple in Hong Kong

Ku Au Tseng Yuen - The Largest Thai Temple in Hong KongKu Au Tseng Yuen is a Thai temple located at Che Kung Miu Road in the Tai Wai area of the Sha Tin District in Hong Kong. Also called Wat Tai Wai, the temple sits back from the road with the entrance a bit hidden. It is just a short walk east from another popular shrine, the Che Kung Temple.

The entrance to Ku Au Tseng Yuen is lined with stalls selling a variety of objects used for worshipping in the main temple hall such as wooden elephants and figurines of Thai dancers. These items are used as offerings to the Lord Brahma.

Inside the property is an open patio with a pagoda-like structure in the center. The pagoda is clad in shimmering mosaic tiles and a golden Buddha statue is enshrined inside. The statue has four faces and eight hands and is known for granting wishes.
Apart from teak elephants and Thai dancers, worshipers leave offerings of flowers and fruits, as well as burn incense sticks in the temple, hoping for answers to their prayers. Others tie scarves to nearby fence posts and railings to show their devotion and ask for good fortune.

The temple is open from 7am to 6pm, daily. Admission is free. It can be reached by bus, taxi or MTR (Tai Wai).

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