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Kwan Kung Pavilion - A Quaint Temple in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Kwan Kung Pavilion - Cheung Chau, Hong kongKwan Kung Pavilion is a pavilion-style temple sitting on a hill on the island of Cheung Chau, Outlying Islands of Hong Kong. It was built in 1973 in honor of Kwan Kung (also called Guan Yu or Kwan Tai), a general during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) who later became deified as the god of war and wealth.

The pavilion is painted in red and features a green tiled roof in traditional Chinese design. Inside is an eight-feet-tall statue of Kwan Kung, crafted from a whole piece of camphor wood. His sword, The Kwan Dou, is also on display inside the shrine.

In front of pavilion is an urn with two dragons used for burning incense.

Kwan Kung Pavilion is located at Kwun Yam Wan Road, Cheung Chau, Outlying Islands, Hong Kong. To get there, walk from Cheung Chau Ferry Pier to Cheung Chau Beach Road along Tung Wan Road, walk towards Warwick Hotel. Turn to Cheung Chau Sports Road at Warwick Hotel and then walk to Kwun Yam Wan Road.

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