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Kwun Yam Shrine - An unusual temple in Repulse Bay

Kwun Yam ShrineLocated at the southeastern end of Repulse Bay is a quaint Taoist temple called Kwun Yam Shrine which is popular for its colorful mosaic statues of Chinese mythology deities and creatures like dragon, goldfish and rams, of varying sizes.

Both local and foreign tourists flock to the temple to pray for good luck and marvel at the colorful statues. According to local folklore, most of the statues are believed to bring a positive change in life to those devotees who take a certain action. For example, throwing a coin into the mouth of a fish god statue will bring forth good fortune.

Aside from the statues, there are also other colorful structures in the area like the auspicious red Longevity Bridge which claims to add three days of life to anyone who crosses it. For those who are looking for a wife or a husband, tie red ribbons around a rock with Chinese engraving on it as this is known as the god of marriage and will help in finding a perfect mate.

The two most prominent statues in the shrine, because of their massiveness, are the goddess of mercy Guan Yin and Tin Hau. They are venerated by fisherman for bountiful catches and safety at the sea. Their sheer size, plus the fact that they are up front the temple, make them hard to miss.

Kwun Yam Shrine - The Longevity Bridge

Kwun Yam Shrine - God of Marriage

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