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Laforet - A trendy shopping mall in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Laforet - Hong KongLocated in East Point Road in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Laforet is a quaint shopping center featuring fashionable shops selling trendy apparel, shoes and accessories.  There are also posh restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.

Most stores in Laforet cater to the young and stylish set, selling items such as fancy jewelry, cosmetics, wigs shoes, bags and other girly stuff at bargain prices.

Being in the center of Causeway Bay and very near Causeway Bay MTR Station, this 3-storey shopping destination is easily accessible.  The following buses also ply the route to Laforet: 11, 23, 23A, 25, 25A, 25C, 26, 2A, 2X, 38, 42, 5, 515, 592, 5B, 72, 72A, 76, 77, 8P, 96, A11, E11, N11, N72, N8, N8P, N8X, 103, 108, 112, 116, 601, 603, 619, 621, 671, N619, 170, 680, 680X, 681, 690, 692, 968, 969, N122, N170, N182, N680, N691, N89R, N962, N968, N969.

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