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Long Mu Temple - The Largest Temple in Peng Chau, Hong Kong

Long Mu Temple - Peng Chau, Hong KongLong Mu Temple, also called Dragon Mother Temple, is a charming Chinese temple in Tung Wan, on the Outlying Islands of Peng Chau in Hong Kong. It is the largest temple on the island, built more than 40 years ago in honor of Lung Mo, a patron goddess of parents and children.

According to an ancient Chinese legend, Lung Mo (originally named Wen Shi)  was a woman from Guangdong province who was deified during the Qin Dynasty after taking care of five infant dragons like they were her own children. Grateful for Lung Mo's motherly love, the magical dragons granted her wish to end the drought in the village by summoning the rain.

When rain did came and ended the drought, the villagers venerated Lung Mo and gave her the name "Mother Dragon" or "Divine Human." The dragons continued to protect Lung Mo from harm until her death. The dragons were overwhelmed by sadness and took human form, becoming known as the Five Scholars who buried Lung Mo on the northern side of Zhu Mountain. Due to the filial devotion and parental love between the dragons and Lung Mo, she eventually became a patron goddess of parents and children.

Several temples were built in her honor and her birthday, the eight day of the fifth lunar month, is celebrated with festivities.

Inside the Long Mu Temple in Peng Chau is a "Dragon bed", believed to have the magical power of bringing good luck. Worshipers usually touch the bed to wash away misfortune and predict their future.

Long Mu Temple is located at 15 Chi Yan Street, Tung Wan, Peng Chau, Outlying Islands. It is about 10 minutes walk from the Peng Chau Ferry Pier.

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