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Lung Tsai Ng Garden - A Pleasant Surprise in Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Lung Tsai Ng GardenLung Tsai Ng Garden is an old Chinese garden southwest of Ngong Ping in Lantau Island. It is only accessible via the Lantau Trail (end of Stage 5 and beginning of Stage 6) and serves as a beautiful respite among hikers.

The garden's centerpiece is a huge lotus pond with a beautiful pavilion in the center, accessible by a stone zigzag bridge. The entire property is bordered by lush trees while the hills of Lantau provide a breathtaking background.

The garden, which is also referred to as The Small Dragon's Garden, was created by a wealthy merchant named Woo Quen-sung in 1965 as a private sanctuary. After his death, the garden was opened to the public during weekends or when a caretaker is available. More recently, the garden is always almost closed to the public but there are some rare instances when its gates were opened unannounced.

Unfortunately, most of the structures in the property are in dire condition, unmaintained after the owner passed on. Buildings are in disrepair and even the stone bridge is not safe for being unchecked for many years.

Nevertheless, the garden is still a sight to behold and a nostalgic place to relax and catch one's breath after hours of hiking along the Lantau Trail. That is if you are lucky enough to catch the gates open.

The Lung Tsai Ng Garden can be reached via a water catchment path and trail from the Tai O Road, a continuation of South Lantau Road just west of Keung Shan. Alight from the bus after the Kwun Yam temple on Tai O Rd, which is about 2 kilometre past the turn-off for the Tian Tan Buddha. You'll see a country park sign and the start of the water catchment.

Lung Tsai Ng Garden - Lantau Island, Hong Kong Photos

Lung Tsai Ng Garden

Lung Tsai Ng Garden

Lung Tsai Ng Garden

Photos courtesy of webs-of-significance.blogspot.com.


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