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Man Tin Cheung Park - A Popular Historical Attraction in Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Man Tin Cheung Park - Yuen Long District, Hong KongMan Tin Cheung Park, formally known as the Man Tin Cheung Memorial Park, is a popular historical attraction in the Yuen Long District of the New Territories, Hong Kong. The 20,000-hectare park was built in honor of Man Tin Cheung, a renowned Chinese poet, patriot and one of the three heroes of the Song Dynasty. He refused to surrender to Mongolian invaders but was captured and eventually executed after a 3-year imprisonment.

While imprisoned, Man Tin Cheung wrote some of his greatest works including the "Song of Righteousness" (Zhengqige). The poem was inscribed on huge plaque behind a six-meter tall bronze statue of his likeness erected in the center of the park. There is also a massive stone bas relief depicting the life and times of the venerated patriot.

Man Tin Cheung Park - Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Statue of Man Tin Cheung

Near the park is the Tai Fu Tai Museum, the ancestral hall and residence built by Man Tin Cheung's ancestors. The structure was built in 1865 and is considered as one of the most beautifully decorated buildings in New Territories and the whole of Hong Kong.

Also dubbed as the only remaining Mandarin’s house in Hong Kong, Tai Fu Tai was listed as a historic building in 1987. It underwent restoration in 1988 and converted into a museum. It is open to the public every Wednesdays to Mondays from 9am to 1pm and 2 to 5pm.

Man Tin Cheung Park is located at Kwu Tung Road, San Tin, Yuen Long. To get there, take bus No. 76K in Yuen Long town and get off at San Tin Post Office, walk towards the petroleum station for about 5 minutes; or take minibus No. 76 near Yuen Long Landmark.

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