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Man Wa Lane - 'Chop Alley' of Hong Kong

Man Wa Lane - Hong KongMan Wa Lane, also commonly known as Chop Alley, is a street in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, which spans from Bonham Strand to Connaught Road Central, across Wing Lok Street and Des Voeux Road Central. It is known for the numerous stalls of chop-makers which line the street.

Name chops are seals or stamps that bears a name carved in Chinese characters. The chop is traditionally dipped in red Chinese ink and the impression thereof are used in lieu of signatures in personal documents, office paperwork, contracts, art, or any item requiring acknowledgment or authorship.

These seals are typically carved out of a variety of materials including stones such as jade and marble, metals, wood, bamboo, plastic or ivory. The chops sold in Ma Wan Lane range from traditional Chinese seals to modern rubber stamps. For a few dollars, a chop-maker can create a harmonious and auspicious Chinese name for the shopper. These items are popular souvenirs among tourists.

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