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Mei Ho House - A Historic Building in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Mei Ho House - Sham Shui Po, Hong KongMei Ho House is a well-preserved historic building in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It is the only remaining remnant of the Shek Kip Mei Estate, the oldest public housing complex in Hong Kong built in 1954.

A "Mark II" building of 7-storeys and H-block configuration featuring two residential wings linked by communal facilities, the Mei Ho House is one of the 29 residential buildings built to provide shelter to the victims of a devastating fire that ravaged the site in December 1953.

All the other building blocks have since been demolished and replaced by new ones except for the Mei Ho House which was chosen to be preserved as a record of Hong Kong's public housing development. The building was listed as a Grade I historic building in 2005 and as a Grade II historic building in 2010.

In October 2013, the Mei Ho House was reopened as the Mei Ho House Youth Hostel, a city hostel managed by the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association providing accommodations to backpackers and families.

Mei Ho House is located at Shek Kip Mei Estate near Tai Po Road in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.

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