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Mingle Farm - A Unique Glamping Experience in Yuen Long, New Territories

Looking for a unique place to enjoy the great outdoors with the entire family? Search no more! Mingle Farm in Fung Ka Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories offers unique camping experiences to professionals, nature-lovers, couples and families. It's called Glamping and it's not your ordinary pitch-a-tent type of camping (but that is also available if that is what you are looking for).

The 200,000 square feet facility lets guests choose the kind of camping accommodation they'd like to experience. There are five options to choose from which "reflects the five different stages in human life: AEcoSphere, BOX, Caravan, Wild Camping, and Fantasy." Each camping option has its own zone in the farm.

Mingle Farm Hong Kong - Wild Camp

Wild Camping

Wild Camping is the most basic and geared towards nature-lovers. Amenities include a tent and sleeping bed or inflatable bed.

Mingle Farm HongKong - AEcoSphere


The AEcoSphere is an inflatable dwelling that comes with a clear bubble ideal for communing with nature without getting exposed to the elements. It is the preferred choice of romantic couples but can accommodate a maximum of 3 individuals. Amenities include an air-conditioner, a double bed and a sleeping bag for another guest.

Mingle Farm Hong Kong - Fantasy


The Fantasy Tents are inflatable dwellings in the shapes of a mushroom, castle, space shuttle and a colorful log cabin aptly referred to as the Rainbow. These are the perfect options for families with young kids or to anyone who wants to feel young again. Each inflatable tent can accommodate up to 4 individuals. Amenities include air conditioner, double bed and sofa bed.

Mingle Farm HongKong - Caravan


The Caravan zone features several parked recreational trailers retrofitted with amenities such as beds, air conditioner, television, toilet and bath, and a kitchenette with small appliances. They can accommodate 4,5 or 6 individuals.

Mingle Farm HongKong - The Box

The Box

The Box is the most luxurious options at Mingle Farm. They are actually a self-contained mobile caravan that comes complete with beds, air conditioner, television, toilet and bath, and a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave oven, gas oven and kitchenware. They come in a studio configuration as well as a luxury edition that has 2 guest rooms, living room, dining and kitchen areas. They also have decks with patio furniture and lined with picket fences.

Activities at Mingle farm include barbecues, outdoor training, archery, kite flying, tree-top adventures, herb planting, organic gardening and more. Board games and recreational equipment (soccer, badminton, hula hoops) are available for free (deposit applies).

Mingle Farm is located at No. 30, Fung Ka Wai, Tin Chi Road, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. For rates and other information, visit their website at www.minglefarm.com.

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