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Little Great Wall - A Quirky Trail in Southeast Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Mini Great Wall - Cheung Chau, Hong KongThe Little Great Wall is a walking path along the Cheung Chau Family Trail in Cheung Chau's southeastern coast. The path, that runs a few hundred metres along a rugged hill, got its quirky name from its granite railings.

The path offers some stunning vantage points over the South China Sea as well as up close and personal views of a number of strangely shaped rocks peppering the trail. The locals have given some of the rock formations with descriptive names such as Human Head Rock and Flower Vase Rock.

While it is easy to understand how some of the rock formations got their names because of the way they look, some of the boulders may appear to have nothing in common with their descriptive monicker. The Flower Vase Rock, for example does not look like a vase at all while the Human Head Rock is every inch a human head complete with eyes, nose and ears.

The Mini Great Wall can be reached via Kwun Yam Wan. The trail leads up to a pavilion, which offers magnificent views of Cheung Chau, the hills of nearby Lantau, as well as Lamma and Hong Kong islands.

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