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Miu Fat Monastery - A Traditional and Modern Buddhist Monastery Complex in Lam Tei, Hong Kong

Miu Fat MonasteryMiu Fat Monastery is a popular Buddhist monastery complex in Lam Tei, north of Tuen Mun town centre in Hong Kong. The complex is comprised of two major structures, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall which was completed in 1980 and the new main building of the Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery which was constructed in 1999.

The 3-storey Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall features traditional Chinese architecture featuring massive red pillars tiled roof. By the entrance are two life-like golden dragons slithering around two ornate and colorful columns. A pair of stone lions and elephants guard the front entrance of the building.

Inside the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall is the Mahavira Hall where three 5-metre tall gold-plated Buddha Sakyamuni statues are displayed. On the walls are more than 10 thousand Buddha reliefs. Murals featuring a blend of Sino-Thai cultures also hang on the walls. The Library of Buddhist Scriptures and the Attic of the Jade Buddha are also housed within the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall.

Adjoining the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, is the 45-metre high and 7-storey structure which now serves as the main building of the Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery. It features a more modern architecture of concrete and glass. The tiered structure is topped by a lotus-shaped main hall that is lit up from within at night. This hall offers spectacular views of the Tuen Mun area.  This structure also houses a Buddhist shrine, community hall, library and cultural/welfare facilities.

The Monastery also has a sprawling and beautifully landscaped gardens and a kitchen serving vegetarian food to visitors.

How to get to the Miu Fat Monastery:
Take Light Rail line 751 from the Tuen Mun or Town Centre stops to Lam Tei station. The complex is on the opposite side of Castle Peak Rd; cross over the walkway and walk north 150m. Bus 63X, from the Mong Kok MTR station and the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, also stops in front of the monastery.

Miu Fat Monastery in Lam Tei, Hong Kong Photos

Miu Fat Monastery

Traditional Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall

Miu Fat Monastery

Lotus-shaped main hall

Miu Fat Monastery

Golden dragons at the entrance of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall

Miu Fat Monastery

The Mahavira Hall


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