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Ohel Leah Synagogue - The Centre of Jewish Social and Religious Life in Hong Kong

Ohel Leah Synagogue - Central, Hong KongOhel Leah Synagogue, along with its neighboring structures, the Jewish Recreation Club and the Jewish Community Center, make up the primary Jewish centre in Hong Kong. Built in 1902, the Synagogue, serves as a venue for social and religious Jewish activities in the city for over a century.

The temple is named after Leah Gubbay Sassoon, the matriarch of an influential Indian merchant family that donated the land upon which the synagogue stands.  The Sassoons were among the earliest Sephardic merchants from India to settle in Hong Kong during the mid to late 19th century. The Jewish community in Hong Kong dates back to the 1840s and includes families from a wide range of countries.

Constructed in the Moorish Romantic style, the building features two storeys, multiple turrets and a balcony on the upper floor for female disciples. In 1998 it underwent a UNESCO award-winning restoration and is now preserved as a Grade I historic building.

The synagogue welcomes anyone to attend services. However, is it advised that  visitors call ahead of time for an appointment. Visitors should also bring proper identification and dress appropriately. Taking photographs of the interiors of the temple is allowed except during Shabbat and festivals. Tours are available during regular business hours. Book for tours ahead of time. A donation after a visit will be highly appreciated.

The Ohel Leah Synagogue is located at 70 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Central, in Hong Kong Island. Entrance to the synagogue is from Robinson Place, the two tower complex that is also located at 70 Robinson Road.

Ohel Leah Synagogue - Interiors

Inside Ohel Leah Synagogue

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