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Oriental 188 Shopping Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong - Treasure Trove for Electronics and Video Games

Oriental 188 Shopping Centre - Wan Chai, Hong KongIf you are looking for electronic devices, gadgets, video games, gaming consoles, DVDs, computers, collectible toys and other goodies, Oriental 188 Shopping Centre in Wan Chai is the place for you! This small commercial centre has shops selling all sorts of electronic gadgets, parts and accessories at very reasonable prices compared to other malls in Hong Kong.

This 3-storey mall is popular among young people, particularly video games enthusiasts and electronic buffs. It can get crowded as the hallways are narrow and shops are crammed in fairly small areas.

Shops at Oriental 188 carry the latest video games, gaming consoles and movies that are yet to be released in other regions. There are also tons of other items on sale such as action figures of popular anime series, film and video game characters. You can also find  a lot of accessories for your gadgets here including batteries, cellphone straps, memory cards and tablet cases.

The best part is these items are a lot cheaper than in bigger electronics stores in more popular malls. Plus, you can even haggle with the shop owners, giving more value to your money! However, be reminded that most of the stuff sold here do not come with warranty. It is also best to look around first before making a purchase. Ask different shops for the price of the item you wish to buy as each store has different pricing schemes.

After shopping, you can find small food stalls selling a variety of Hong Kong style food and refreshments.

The Oriental 188 Shopping Centre is located at 188 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. To get there, you can take: MTR Wan Chai Station Exit A4 turn right, walk towards Causeway Bay on Hennessy Road. Alternatively, take a bus or the Tram to the C C Wu Building, walk through the C C Wu Building and turn right once you get outside.

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