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Pak Tsz Lane Park - A Historic Urban Park in Central, Hong Kong

Pak Tsz Lane Park - Central, Hong KongPak Tsz Lane Park is a small park located in an obscure area of Central Hong Kong, behind Aberdeen Street, Hollywood Road, Gage Street and Peel Street. It was officially opened to the public in May 2012, in commemoration of the centennial of the Xinhai Revolution which overthrew the Qing Dynasty.

The area surrounding the park was used by the members of the Furen Literary Society and the Hong Kong chapter of the Revive China Society, which included Yeung Kui-wan, Sun Yat-sen and Tse Tsan-tai, as a meeting place where they plan their anti-Qing Dynasty activities, and hence known as a cradle of the Revolution.

Designed by Ronald Lu & Partners, the approximately 1,600-square metre park features modern structure amid green elements to compliment the "Origin of Chinese Revolution" theme which aims to raise the public's awareness of the area's role in shaping modern Chinese history. It is comprised of three main sections: a feature pavilion area, an exhibition corridor and a historically themed play area, all providing insights to the progression of revolution.

Some of the notable displays include the information panels recounting the founding and history of the Furen Literary Society; a bronze sculpture of a Western-dressed man cutting the queue (pigtail) of a Chinese man dressed in traditional Manchu clothes, as a symbol of liberation from the Qing rule; slatted panels displaying maps of Guangzhou and Huizhou indicating events during the rebellions organized in 1895 and 1900, respectively; and a slatted display of Sun Yat-sen's letter of condolence to Tse Tsan-tai, following the assassination of Yeung Kui-wan.

There is also an educational game (based on a children's traditional street game) with time-lines of the actions of the Furen Literary Society leading to 3 discs fixed to a wall. Each disc has paired windows which, when the discs are turned, show paired photographs illustrating important events and actions by the early revolutionists.

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