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Pink Dolphins - A rare and unforgettable experience in the waters of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Pink DolphinsHong Kong's pink dolphins are a sight to behold. These creatures, scientifically known as Sousa chinensis, are thought to be a unique sub-species of the Chinese white dolphin and a member of the indo-pacific humpback dolphin family. However, only the ones in Hong Kong's Pearl River estuary exhibit this bright bubblegum pink shade.

While there are still no scientific explanation as to why they have this unique coloration, it’s believed that the animals' blushing skin is caused by the dolphins trying regulate their body temperature. Furthermore, the absence of natural predators in the area, such as sharks, might have led the animals to shed off their natural grey camouflage.

There are numerous companies which offer pink dolphin tours in Hong Kong but DolphinWatch is the most experienced organization when it comes to taking people to watch these beautiful marine mammals in their natural habitat in an eco-friendly way. DolphinWatch also aims to raise people's awareness about these endangered animals and encourage protection and conservation efforts for these wonderful creatures.

Part of the tour are lectures on the plight of the pink dolphins. Pollution, overfishing, excessive boat traffic and habitat loss are just some factors that cause their population to dwindle at an alarming rate.

Hong Kong's Pink Dolphins

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