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Pottinger Street Costume Market - Costumes Galore in Central, Hong Kong

Costume Market - Pottinger Street, Hong KongThe costume market in Pottinger Street in Central, Hong Kong is the place to be when you are looking for something to wear to a costume party. The street, is lined on both sides with shops and stalls selling a wide variety of costumes for all occasions.

The area is particularly packed during the run-up to Halloween, with shops decked with an assortment of gouls, ghosts and monsters, but is nevertheless full of fairy wings, colorful wigs, feather boas and all sorts of masks all year round. Apart from costume-related items, some shops also offer other party needs and supplies.

Pottinger Street is also known as the Stone Slabs Street by the locals, after the granite stone steps which are a rarity nowadays in Hong Kong. It was named after the first Governor of Hong Kong, Henry Pottinger.

To get there, take MTR to Central Station, get out from Exit D2. Walk towards Queen's Road and turn right. Walk down Queen's Road and Pottinger Street will be on the left.

There are other markets selling costumes in other parts of Hong Kong including Tai Yun Street Market in Wan Chai, Ladies Market in Mong Kok and Wing-wo Street, also in Central.

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