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Sai Kung Seafood Street - New Territories, Hong Kong

Sai Kung Seafood StreetSai Kung Seafood Street is a 1000-meter street lined with endless restaurants and eateries serving the day's freshest catch. Located along Sai Kung's harbour, the restaurants have tanks upon tanks in front of their stalls displaying the freshest seafood the area has to offer. Customers pick whatever seafood they fancy which were then cooked according to their preference and served al fresco.

The street is popular among both Hong Kongers and tourists looking for some sustenance after checking out Sai Kung's numerous hiking trails and beaches.

Across the street, fishermen sell their fresh catch right off their boats by the pier. These boats are also available for rent for those who wish to check out the surrounding islands.

Other nearby tourist attractions include the Trio Beach and its beautiful stretch of sand and calm water, as well as the Sai Kung Country Park which provides some of the most challenging but rewarding hiking experiences in the area.

To get to Sai Kung Seafood Street, take MTR to Choi Hung Station, get out at Exit C2, then take the minibus route 1A. Alternatively, take MTR to Hang Hau Station, then take the minibus route 101.

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